FGR Community engages with members of the community of all ages, allowing the trust a unique opportunity to help address local priorities and national issues. Working with schools, community organisations and sports clubs across Gloucestershire and beyond, FGR Community uses football as the medium to educate, motivate and inspire.

Our values

At FGR Community, we each aim to use our resources efficiently in achieving measurable results, and be fully accountable to supporters, partners and most of all, our local community.

We set high goals and we ask the best of ourselves and our colleagues and are always seeking ways to improve the quality of the work that we do for our beneficiaries.

We aim to work to the highest standards of personal integrity and behaviour, will never knowingly compromise the charities reputation and will always act in the best interest of our beneficiaries.

We are open to new ideas, embrace change and take calculated risks to develop sustainable solutions, for and with our beneficiaries.

As a team we thrive on qualities of mutual respect, values and diversity and apply the same values when working with partners to leverage our brand strength in making a difference for our local community    

Our themes

Sport and Recreation

Health & Wellbeing

Inclusion & Community Cohesion


Environment & Sustainability

Our programmes

Fit2Last education programme

FGR Ambassador scheme

Free tickets for U11s

Soccer camps

Community Stand offer

Please contact Community outreach Co-ordinator Sarah Urquhart for more information on any of the programmes

Safeguarding policy

We have a robust safeguarding policy to ensure the safety of everyone involved in activities organised by FGR Community

FGR Community safeguarding policy for adults (218.94 KB)

FGR Community safeguarding policy for children (327.45 KB)

FGR Community operates from within the Green Britain Foundation.

Charity registration No. 1148783