What is the FGR Ambassadors Scheme?

Our Ambassadors Scheme is a great way for us to stay connected to schools and local communities in South Gloucestershire.

Every year, we recruit a team of new young ambassadors who promote the club and get the message out about all the things we do on and off the pitch.

How does the Ambassadors Scheme work?

We have around 50 schools and 80 ambassadors enrolled in the scheme each year.

The young ambassadors get to see how sustainability works in practice at the stadium and learn how the players live and breathe our values too. They then share their experiences with their families, friends and teachers.The scheme has three main parts:

  1. Recruiting ambassadors in local schools. Our ambassadors wear the FGR shirt with pride, letting people know about our matches and writing reports on their experiences at matches to share with their classmates. They learn how to be an advocate, standing up for something they believe in.
  2. Player visits. Each ambassador can invite one of the FGR players to visit their school to talk about their career, role models, and the importance of hard work and dedication.
  3. End of season awards. At the end of the year, we’ll go through the ambassador’s achievements, give them feedback, and reward many to recognise their exceptional effort over the season.

How to get involved with the Ambassadors Scheme

We’re always looking to expand the scheme so that more schools can get involved. If you and your school are interested, just get in touch on 01453 834860 or email reception@fgr.co.uk.