We've created a few activities for you to do at home, there is a mixture of things from colouring in sheets to vegan recipes. You can download PDF copies to print out, or simply view them online. We hope you enjoy taking part in some of the things on this page.

Colouring in sheets

There are three FGR colouring in sheets to do, make sure to send us a photo of your drawings! @FGRFC_OFFICIAL

FGR colouring sheets

FGR Colouring in sheet 1 - Food (603.68 KB)

FGR Colouring in sheet 2 - Football (506.72 KB)

FGR Colouring in sheet 3 - Kit (510.30 KB)

FGR Fit2Last Recipes

There are nine Fit2Last recipe cards to keep you busy experimenting in the kitchen, the recipes are created by our head chef at FGR and have been used in our educational programme for a number of years.

FGR Fit2Last Recipes

Recipe 1 - potato and chive roll.pdf (976.97 KB)

Recipe 2 - spring rolls.pdf (1.17 MB)

Recipe 3 - Quorn skewers.pdf (1.03 MB)

Recipe 4 - gnocchi.pdf (1.01 MB)

Recipe 5 - sweet potato burgers.pdf (1,020.03 KB)

Recipe 6 - fajitas.pdf (940.22 KB)

Recipe 7 - bean burger.pdf (454.98 KB)

Recipe 8 - Mac-n-cheese.pdf (422.60 KB)

Recipe 9 - pizza swirls.pdf (417.69 KB)