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We believe that where possible, prevention is better than cure. It was clear to us right away that STIRZ shared that ethos, when they approached us with their Zero Waste Beverage Solutions. 

Born from the question of how Founder Gigi de Grano could make a great cup of coffee in the wilderness without much of the hassle and none of the waste, STIRZ became the answer to that and so much more! 

stirz bristol carabao cadden

With their impressive green credentials, STIRZ want to become synonymous with sustainability and we are proud to be offering their Premium Coffee, ‘Proper’ English Tea and Vegan Hot Chocolate across The Fully Charged New Lawn, adding to a wide range of matchday food and beverage options. 

STIRZ are still championing responsible consumption for outdoor adventurers in the US but in the UK they have their sights set on reducing commercial impact and tackling climate change in both the sports and hospitality sectors. Through sustainable partnerships, planet friendly packaging and their tree planting initiatives STIRZ are the beverage company for a better tomorrow. 

stirz partner image

STIRZ featured on the FGR Shirt Sleeve during our historic 2021 Carabao Cup performances and will continue to work alongside the Club to develop their brand and their positive impact both locally and globally. STIRZ products can be found on our online store. With each purchase STIRZ will plant a tree AND donate to the FGR Community Trust.

We’re committed to investing in the club and supporting the FGR Community not just inside the stadium, but beyond it.

The Team @STIRZ

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