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SKOOT is the new carbon negative App that simply connects friends that drive with friends that need help, with lifts or errands. 

Cleverly helps organise, request and arrange errands and giving lifts. Collection and drop-off locations.

Enables you to ask up to 10 friends at a time, so no awkwardness of asking, or awkwardness in declining the errand or simple favour.

  • In-App messaging for ease to help before and during.

  • Pre-set time frames for completion for ease; within 2 hours by the end of the day.

  • For a £5 tip, or just as a favour. No Fees.

  • Totally carbon negative. A tree planted every 3 drives, rides or errands.

  • Free £5 thank you when you run your first errand to help out an FGR fan.

  • Win-Win.

Giving FGR Fans a lift


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