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Real Wrap

We are a multiple Award Winning and Carbon Negative Food to Go Manufacturer. Our mission from the start has been to provide a healthy and tasty alternative to the high street offer and this remains our core focus today. We are now 9 years old and have won multiple awards for our products and work.  

Looking for ethical plant based sandwiches or other food-to-go products such as, wraps, snack pots and salads? Real Wrap is the sandwich manufacturer for you. As a company, we aim to always be ethical and sustainable sandwich manufacturer; making sure we only work with like-minded companies that share our ethos for sustainable manufacturing, without compromising on quality or taste. We are a planet-first manufacturer, if it doesn’t work for our planet, it doesn’t work for us. Follow us on social media

Instagram: @realwrapco 

Facebook: /realwrap 

Twitter: @realwrap1 

Real Wrap
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