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Founded in 2015, HOWND is a vegan, planet-conscious brand for dogs on a mission to radically transform the pet food industry. With 30% of intensively farmed livestock destined for our pet’s food bowls, vegan co-founder Jo Amit believes that our companion animals should share the same consumer responsibilities as their doting pet parents. “If even a fraction of the UK’s 12 million dogs are fed nutritionally balanced plant-based diets, this will help slow down climate change and reduce biodiversity loss.”


Together with co-founder and commercial director Mark Hirschel, the HOWND team is trailblazing the way to a healthier, more sustainable plant-based future for our four-legged best friends. At the end of 2021, the brand became Forest Green Rovers’ official vegan dog food partner. As a cruelty-free certified brand driven to reduce the nation’s paw print on our plant, HOWND is looking forward to FGR pooches enjoying some delicious plant based goodies. 

Unleash your HOWND® here

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