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At DFNS, we develop next-generation Footwear & Apparel Care. We want to elevate your routine to the extraordinary with innovation that extends the life of your gear. We’re driving change by empowering athletes, communities, and fans alike, to take ownership of their gear’s environmental footprint.

Longer-lasting gear means less waste and more play:

When you Care for your Kit, you also Care for the Planet. Our sustainability journey is driven by innovation. With unmatched research and testing, we have developed air-powered, water-based, and circular solutions that are fine-tuned to future-proof your gear. From the boots and jerseys you train and play in, to the trainers and outfits you live in, DFNS lets you get the most out of your footwear and apparel, with planet-friendly cleaning, protecting and refreshing technology.

See more at: www.dfns.com

End Stop

New away stand partner
Sneaker care experts DFNS secure naming rights for the West Stand at The Bolt New Lawn.

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