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Welcome to your new FGR website!

February 11th 2021
Noah Dougherty

Here at Forest Green Rovers not only do we have the ambition to win promotions and eventually become a Championship side, we also have a vision for how sports clubs can be run sustainably and in harmony with the planet. Designated by the UN and FIFA as the World's Greenest Football Club, we are world's first vegan football club and with this forward-thinking approach we believe there is an exciting future ahead.

The FGR vision is expressed in our new website. It has been designed to bring you closer to the action, with bigger and better photography, dynamic graphics and an improved navigation system that gets you to the info you need, fast.

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Take a look inside and you'll find:

  • A fresh approach to match reports with loads more info

  • More statistics on the club and its players

  • Stats that are presented in a better way

  • A much improved online club shop

  • FGR Live – our streaming video and audio services

  • A place to create your own My FGR profile

  • The latest club news with a fresh focus on the fan experience

  • All the information you need about our stadium and services

  • Exciting updates on Eco Park – the new stadium we plan to build

  • And a better way of buying tickets, once they're available again

One of the key things that makes the new site easier to use is that once you've registered, you'll only need to sign in once to use our streaming media and tickets and travel services.

Join My FGR

Even if you already have an account with us, you'll need to create a My FGR account. If you have bought a streaming pass to watch FGR online, you will need to use the same email address when you create your My FGR account.

If your account for buying tickets uses the same email address as your streaming account, both accounts will synch. If your ticketing account has a different email address, get in touch with reception@fgr.co.uk and we'll help you synch them.

On the new site, you'll find information about our sustainable mission, the fantastic vegan food we offer, our partners and sponsors, and all the work we do in the community.

We've also been developing a new smartphone app and we're busy coding that up at the moment. You'll be able to use the app and website with the same sign-in. Watch this space - it's coming soon!

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What if I have never purchased tickets or steaming before?

To setup a new My FGR account, click on the “Join us” link in the upper, right hand side of the website; then proceed to enter your info; favourite player and number and account information.

You will be asked to verify your email address before you can login to the website.

Once you have a My FGR account setup will be able to purchase a match pass for live games and watch FGR online.

Please note that you will have to login or create a separate ClubShop account; this is not currently part of the single sign on process.

What if I have an existing FGR Live Streaming account?

If you have previously purchased a streaming pass, then it is essential that you create a My FGR account using the same email address that you use to login to access FGR Live (video & audio streams). By using the same email address, your purchase history and any entitlement to future games will be accessible.

If you have several streaming accounts using different email addresses, it is crucial that you setup a My FGR account using the primary email address; that is the one that includes any season long entitlement. This is the only way to make sure that access to season long streaming is automatically transferred across to the new My FGR Account.

Please note this is very important for supporters who have purchased a Season Long Pass (audio or Video), and for Season Ticket holders; if you use a different email address, your season long entitlement will not automatically transfer across.

What if I have purchased FGR tickets online?

If you do not have a Streaming account but have purchased tickets online before, then supporters should create a new My FGR account using the same email address that you normally use to purchase tickets. This will then allow your ticket history to automatically transfer across.

Including access to QR codes on your mobile phone, for gaining entry to matches in the future.

How do I log in to FGR Live and watch/listen to live streams?

If you normally watch/listen to live stream via a web browser on a computer or Smart TV, then you need to setup a My FGR account with the same email address you would normally use to watch FGR online. You can then can continue to watch/listen via the new FGR Website.

We are aware of an issue with the the FGR LIVE app, we are working on a solution. In the meantime, if you create a My FGR account, you will be able to follow FGR through the new website.

I have a technical questions/problem, who can I contact?

We are encouraging all supporters to register for a My FGR account, however we appreciate some people may experience difficulties or need guidance.

For any technical questions regarding streaming or entitlement on a Matchday, please continue to contact fgrtv@streamamg.com for support.

For anyone who requires support or has questions regarding their My FGR account, please contact reception@fgr.co.uk

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