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SKINS partner with FGR

August 19th 2021
FGR Media

Forest Green Rovers have partnered with compression sportswear brand SKINS to support first-team in training, matches and recovery.

SKINS is the leading, science-backed compression sportswear brand - providing performance and recovery enhancing compression to Forest Green players ahead of the League Two campaign.

Their sportswear improves blood circulation, reduces energy cost and reduces fatigue from impact damage. Plus, it allows the players to physically perform their best thanks to 25 years of research and development. 

SKINS have made their new series of compression sportswear, vegan, aligned with FGR’s own ethos. This means there are no animal products whatsoever in the new SKINS, including the dyes and even the glue for the heat seal logos.  

With the launch of the new series, every athlete and sports enthusiast, including those living a plant-based lifestyle, can utilise SKINS to support their sporting performance.

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Benjamin Fitzmaurice, Chief Operating Officer at SKINS, said: “FGR ticks all of the boxes for SKINS. The club is all about being the best you can be on and off the pitch. It is one thing to be focused on high end performance but when you are the greenest football club in the world and the first and only vegan flag bearer, it is something to be lauded.  

“It also dovetails with SKINS 100% vegan products launched in 2020 and the use of recyclable packaging materials, produced with renewable energy. Our relationship with FGR is a two-way street.  

“We are really looking forward to assisting the players in their performance during training and competition, as well as discover from the club and its partners about how we can continue to improve our sustainability as a member of the community.”

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Richard Hughes, Director of Football at FGR, said: “We’re really excited by this partnership – and we were happy to welcome SKINS to the GoUp Training Ground last week to discuss recovery and how players should be wearing their SKINS.

“The importance of compression sportswear on recovery and performance cannot be underestimated and the team here at Forest Green are looking forward to working closely with SKINS to develop our team’s athletic performance.”

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