Noah Dougherty
Thursday 28 November 2019

St. Mary’s Primary School were the latest group to head behind the scenes at Forest Green Rovers with our fantastic Fit2Last initiative.

The Newport-based school made the trip to Gloucestershire last week, with students given a tour around our unique, eco-friendly stadium and taken up the hill to see Ecotricity’s first windmill, before learning more about the club’s green ethos as part of their school project into sustainability.

"In my opinion, FGR was a real delight because we had a tour around and even saw the Under 18s train. We were shown the press conference room and the home and away changing rooms," said one student.

"We got to see the field where Dale Vince lived in a caravan and the huge wind turbine he made - he has now made 80 of them. They have oat milk and soya milk at the stadium because they are vegan, and I really liked the oat milk and I went up for some more. So, I loved the trip and I want to come back."

Fit2Last is a superb programme that offers young students the opportunity to learn about the importance of sustainability and staying healthy, all while having fun at a Football League stadium and learning through experience.

If you’re interested in organising a visit to FGR for your school, email for more details.