Noah Dougherty
Thursday 07 November 2019

St. Joseph's Catholic Primary became the latest school group to benefit from Forest Green Rovers' fantastic Fit2Last programme, as they visited The New Lawn yesterday.

Fit2Last is a fun and interactive educational programme that is delivered to schools and the local community. The programme teaches the importance of sport and recreation, health and wellbeing, and sustainability through tailored sessions at Rovers' home ground in Nailsworth.

The students are welcomed to The New Lawn and taught about the importance of healthy eating and a vegan diet, before taking part in some exciting practical sessions and learning how sustainability has an impact on the world of sport.

All of the activities have been designed within the National Curriculum across the Key Stage groups, with an emphasis on physical education, humanities, technology and science subjects.

"The programme was engaging, hands on and allowed the children to take their learning forward," said class teacher Hannah Crisp.

"We very much look forward to working with you again in the future.

"I very much looked forward to the children learning more about a healthy diet – more specifically the vegan diet.

"The word 'vegan' is being used more and more today and unfortunately, this usually comes alone with a stigma or negative perception. Therefore, allowing the children to hear a speaker speak passionately and openly about the meaning of what it is to be a plant-based eater and its benefits was an opportunity I was enthusiastic about."

If you're interested in the Fit2Last sessions, or just want to find out more, send an email to