Matt Edwards
Wednesday 15 May 2019

Forest Green Rovers chairman Dale Vince caught up with BBC Gloucestershire following Monday night's play-off semi-final to look ahead to next season. Read what he had to say here:

To focus on the football to start, you’re obviously disappointed with Monday night’s result?

Yes, very disappointed. To go down to 10 men for the second time in a row when we’ve barely had a sending off all season, it’s very disappointing, but that’s football.

But it is year-on-year progress isn’t it?

It’s massive progress and we’ll go again next year and improve again next year, that’s for sure. That’s our trajectory. The manner of losing is disappointing, it wasn’t a good game and after we went down to 10 men it was just frustrating to lose in a poor game like that.

Looking to the future, Mark Cooper is still going to be here with a couple of years left on his contract, he’s still the man for the job?

Mark is going to be here for a long time.

Will you invest in the players that Mark Cooper might need?

Yes. We’ve been looking at that already and we’ve got a list of what we need to do and we’ll get busy now, now we know where we are.

A big month coming up in June, a planning meeting for the new stadium, any inclination?

I think we’ll get permission, but that is just my own belief. We’ve been four years in the process and put a lot of time and effort into it and a lot of detail and I do hope we get the vote from the council. I think it will take us another year to get detailed planning and then it is probably about a two-year build programme, so we’re at least three years out.

This time next year, where do you think FGR will be?

We’ll be stronger again next year. Maybe looking at the automatics or the play-offs again is good. Look at what we did in the National League, play-offs three years running, didn’t make the final the first time, made it and lost the second time, made it and won the third time, that’s progress isn’t it?

Finally, the fans were superb on Monday night, how good would it be to have that every week?

The fans are awesome. Obviously the road was awful, the traffic was incredibly bad but they still got here and that’s why we need a new stadium.