Bevan Youl
Monday 09 March 2020

Forest Green Rovers Academy manager Hannah Dingley was pleased with her U18s side’s ability to exploit space going forward after their dominant 4-1 win against Cheltenham Town.

Goals from Luke Hallett, Dylan Morgan, Harvey Bunker and Dan Ogunleye saw off the visitors in an impressive display, with Rovers having lots of success down both flanks.

Despite the slow start between the two sides, Dingley was happy with the result and the youngster’s ability to adapt to the opposition’s changed formation.

“I thought we started a little bit disjointedly but grew into the game and I was really pleased with the performance in the end,” she said.

“Typically, your analysis never comes true does it? We expected them to set up with a back four and then it was a back three instead, but we’ve done a bit of work on that from previous games that we played at Plymouth.

“I think the boys know how to exploit a back three and get in two v one in wide areas, getting our wide boys up high and our full backs going and joining in.”

FGR played with Ogunleye on the right side and Morgan on the left, using their individual play-styles to cause issues for The Robins’ defence.

“They both did really well. Dan’s very athletic and used his speed to get in behind and cause problems,” Dingley added.

“Dylan’s slightly different, he’s not as quick but is more skilful in his ability so he can take players on one v one.

“They’re two very different players but it was great to see them both shine in that game.”

Although Rovers conceded an unfortunate goal in the first half, the chances for the visitors going forward were few and far between thanks to the hard work of the U18’s midfield in preventing any dangerous attacks.

“Obviously, the back line did well, but [Cheltenham] weren’t really getting into that position. Our midfield did particularly well,” Dingley added.

“We’ve got Vaughn [Covil] whose been involved in the first team playing in a probably natural position as a centre midfielder.

“So, him, Harvey, Finley [Bell] and then Joe [Jeremiah] when he came on, worked really hard to stop them getting into those danger areas up the pitch.”