Matt Edwards
Tuesday 12 March 2019

We spoke to right-back Liam Shephard ahead of tonight's game away to Colchester United.

He talks about returning from a frustrating period on the sidelines, addresses recent form and calls on the backing of the fans with 10 games to go.

A welcome return to the team on Saturday, was it a frustrating spell on the injury table?

“Yes. I’m not the type of person to just sit on the side and watch the game, I’m the worst watcher and I become a fan and when you see the boys not doing well, you just want to help them.

“We’re on a bad run of games but there are still 10 games left and we need to be more positive.”

You got 20 minutes on Saturday, do you feel like you’re back to your old self?

“Yeah, I think that was perfect.

“Chucking me straight back in would have been too much because we have got three games in the space of the week.

“I felt quite sharp when I came on Saturday but we were 2-0 down at the time and we just had to do something.”

A disappointing result on Saturday, what do you put it down to?

“I think it’s the run of results we have had.

“I can’t really put my finger on it but it’s just from what I have seen on the side, the boys are a bit down and lacking a bit of confidence and might be worried about the play-offs themselves.

“Now we are out of the play-offs, we have got two good games to come back and we have got nothing to lose and I think the boys have got to believe in ourselves because I certainly do.”

Is it a shock to the system and one that might be needed with 10 games to go?

“I hope so.

“We’ve come in today and the boys have made sure that we have spoken to each other and made sure we are positive.

“The atmosphere is more upbeat than I thought it would be and I hope it has given us a bit of a kick up the back side that we need.”

Colchester is not an easy place to go, especially on a Tuesday night, but it’s a game where it is a no lose situation almost.

“It is a tough place to go but we need to go back to the basics, make sure we are spot on with them and then the confidence will come.

“We are a very good footballing team and once we play our style of football, we are unplayable, but it’s just getting back to that now.”

With 30 points left to play for this season, it’s all in your own hands, especially with games against Colchester and Carlisle to come.

“We need to believe that and need the fans to be on our side.

“It’s all good to stick by us when we are winning but when we are losing, we need a bit of a lift as well.

“We are here as a team, we are Forest Green, and everyone is here together.

“We get a win against Colchester and then we go into Saturday’s game with the fans behind us and we win that and we’re back in the play-offs above both of them.

“It’s 30 points, just believe and I think we’ll be alright.”