FGR Media
Friday 12 June 2020

As you know, our season has ended with 10 games left to play, six of them home games.  Now that this has been confirmed, we’re looking at refund options for season tickets and other advance purchases. These include away travel, casual match tickets and hospitality bookings.

We’re aware that some of our fans have already pledged not to ask for a refund - that's an incredible gesture and very much appreciated.  We’re also aware that that won’t suit everyone of course - and it needs to be a choice.  

We’ve set out three options below, we think they cover the most sensible outcomes.  If you could let us know which one suits you best, we’ll get on and action it - that may take a week or two as we’re operating with a skeleton crew (most of our staff are furloughed) but it will happen.

Please email reception@fgr.co.uk with your preference and your details - so we know who you are…:) It would be helpful if you could include a contact number just incase we need to check anything with you.

Option 1: Leave your money in the club, as a donation to support us in the coming season.

Option 2: Convert your money to an FGR Voucher valid for the entire new season - for use in the Club Shop, we’re launching our new away shirt soon btw. 

Option 3: A refund in full for the the cancelled home matches - or in part if you’d like to use part of Option 1 or 2 as above.

Obviously it’s been a tough few months, we’ve met all of our obligations (with 100% pay) to players and staff, including matchday casual workers - that matters to us.  The season ahead will be strange and financially challenging - with games likely to be behind closed doors for sometime.  Any contributions that you can make to support us in this are really helpful - equally we understand if not. These are tough times for everybody.

We’re looking at options for the new season, to enhance the live game streaming and find new ways to get fans involved - digitally.  And we intend to compete for promotion again, despite the circumstances.  

All the best, and I hope to see you at a game again soon.