Noah Dougherty
Friday 12 July 2019

A recap of our first day at the pre-season training camp in Devon.

The players travelled down from Gloucestershire this morning and took part in two training sessions to kick off the week, with a few sore ears by the end of the day.

Have a look back through the second day of the team's pre-season tour at Woodbury Park.

The players started the day in the gym before having a double session out on the grass.

After securing a draw in a behind-closed-doors friendly with Cardiff City, the players were given the afternoon off to enjoy some golf. 

The goalkeepers were put through some handling practise before the strikers tested them with a post-training shooting drill.

Catch up on all the action here... 

The players started the final day on the spin bikes before heading out onto the grass for an 11 v 11 game.

Watch it all here...