Matt Edwards
Monday 15 July 2019

Forest Green Rovers will face Premier League side Southampton in Group D (Southern Section) of the EFL Trophy following the conclusion of the draw today.

Forest Green had already been drawn against League One side Coventry City and fellow League Two team Walsall for the Round One group stage on Tuesday.

Forest Green will announce ticket prices in due course when we are provided with this information but the games will take place as follows:

FGR v Southampton - Tuesday, September 3 - 7pm

FGR v Coventry - Tuesday, October 8 - 7pm

Walsall v FGR - Tuesday, November 12 - 7pm

Ticket prices for the Banks's Stadium will be as follows:





Concession (60+)


Young person (12-18)


Under 12s


Disabled supporters pay the price applicable to their age category, with a carer free of charge if required.

The format of the EFL Trophy

The 48 Leagues One and Two sides will be entered into the competition, alongside 16 Category One Academy teams (the 16 Academy Clubs will be invited to participate in the Competition based on the final League positions achieved in the preceding season).

  • The Invited Team will play all group games away.
  • Each EFL Club will play 2 group games at home.
  • Clubs will be awarded 3 points for a win, and 1 point for a draw.
  • In the event of a drawn game after 90 minutes, a penalty shootout will be held with the victorious team gaining an extra point.
  • If two or more Clubs are equal on points on completion of the group Matches the following criteria are applied in the order give to determine their rankings:
  • (A) goal difference;
  • (B) higher number of goals scored in the group Matches;
  • (C) number of wins (after normal time i.e. not the result of any drawn match followed by penalties)
  • (D) the record against each other in the group Match, taking into account in order of precedence, points gained, goal difference, higher number of goals scored
  • (E) if the Clubs still have an equal ranking after the application of (A) to (D), by the drawing of lots

Player Eligibility: For EFL Clubs

  • 4 qualifying outfield Players from 10.
  • A Club can play any eligible goalkeeper in the Competition.

A qualifying outfield Player will be one who meets any of the following requirements:-

  • Any Player who started the previous or following first team fixture.
  • Any Player who is in the top 10 Players at the Club who have made the most starting appearances in League and Domestic Cup Competitions that season.
  • Any Player with 40 or more First Team appearances in their career.
  • Any Player on loan from a Premier League Club or any EFL Category One Academy Club.

NB. No Player can appear for two different teams in the competition.