Max Boon
Saturday 05 January 2019

FGR might not have a game this weekend, but that didn't stop fans getting their Rovers fix as the club appeared in two major TV shows – Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast and Saturday Kitchen.

Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty visited The New Lawn in June for a feature that looked at the club’s vegan approach, which was aired during Friday night’s Veganuary special episode on Channel 4 at 8pm. 

The pair interviewed FGR chairman Dale Vince, before Jimmy chatted with players and Jamie did some cooking with FGR chef Jade Crawford. Everyone was then invited to a meal at The Black Horse Inn in Amberley, where Jamie cooked up a vegan feast.

Dale Vince talks to Jamie and Jimmy

Jade Crawford, FGR head chef, said: “It was a brilliant day hosting Jamie and Jimmy at FGR. I’d only been in the job for a couple of weeks and it was a bit nerve-wracking but Jamie made me feel really comfortable when I was cooking with him.

“Then it was really nice for him to return the favour and cook for us in the pub. To have a famous chef making such good food for us was amazing and it was a great chance for me to get to know Dale, Mark and the players a bit better too.”

Jamie Oliver and Jade Crawford take a selfie

Dayle Grubb, FGR forward, said: "We spoke with both Jimmy and Jamie. They both seemed really impressed with the way club is run as a vegan football club and how some of the players have made the transition themselves.

"They were really interested in the impact it had on us as players and also the fans.

"I'll be watching on Friday, for sure, and hope it comes across well and opens the club up to a new audience."

Dayle Grubb being interviewed by Jimmy Doherty

The club’s approach to food has had a big impact on players, with a number now switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

"I wouldn't be a vegetarian right now if I hadn't made the move to Forest Green,” said Grubb.

"By eating the food at the ground and at training, you become more knowledgeable with the food you can eat and it is eye-opening.

"When you eat meat, you think it has to be in every meal, but it isn't until you are shown alternatives that you realise there are a lot of different options for you.”

Jamie Oliver takes a penalty at Forest Green Rovers

If you missed the show, it is already on All4. WATCH IT HERE or find out more HERE.

Saturday Kitchen visited the club ahead of the Tranmere game in October and spoke to Dale, Jade, vegan footballer Reuben Reid and some fans about the club’s approach. The show will be broadcast this Saturday on BBC One at 10am.

Were you inspired by what Jade and Jamie cooked up for the players? Why not give it a try yourself and send us your pictures of how you get on.

Pulled jackfruit bun with avocado slaw


- Tinned Jackfruit in Salt Water

- BBQ Seasoning (homemade) - Brown Sugar, Paprika, Garlic Powder, Chilli, Salt & Pepper. 

- BBQ Sauce (from a bottle) 

- Cabbage 

- Carrot 

- Avocado 

- Maple syrup

- Lime

- Burger bun 


1.       Get jack fruit out of tin and drain (I usually use 1 can per two people)

2.       Cut off core and remove beans

3.       Put the rest of the fruit in a separate bowl

4.       Once all cored and beans have been removed you will be left with a pulled pork consistency

5.       Add the homemade seasoning, mix well

6.       Add the BBQ sauce (I actually ended up using homemade BBQ sauce, not bottle- let me know if you want the recipe) 

7.       I usually leave the pulled jackfruit to marinade in the BBQ sauce overnight so that it soaks up the flavours

8.       Cook on a low heat on hob for 45 mins, stirring regularly

9.       Serve in buns with slaw- YUMMMM!!

Forest Green will be running new vegan recipe videos every week throughout Veganuary, supported by Quorn, so keep an eye on our social media this month for some inspiration.