Matt Edwards
Tuesday 12 February 2019

Lewis Ward made his full League debut on Saturday in the 2-1 defeat at home to Notts County.

While it wasn't the result he was after, he was pleased to tick off an aim for the season and put in a superb display despite conceding twice.

He speaks about his performance and looks ahead to tonight's game with Swindon and why the team are so determined to put right some of Saturday's wrongs.


What was the reaction to Saturday’s defeat?

“We were very disappointed with the result, it was not what we wanted. We wanted to win the game and we were caught on the counter with the second goal.

“We know what we need to do tonight against Swindon and we know how we can improve.

“Personally, for me, to make my full League debut; it’s what everyone works towards when they are a young player coming through, whether it’s Saturday league or academy football, it’s what you aspire to do.

“To play in the Football League was an aim this season and I can say I have ticked that box.”

You made a string of good saves, could you have done any more with the two goals?

“The first one I saw very late, I did get finger tips to it but I think if I see it half a second earlier, I may get more of a hand to it and maybe tip it around the post but I was very gutted to concede two on my debut but I can say the second goal was just a very good strike.”

You’ve been at the club nearly a month, how long does it take to gel a partnership with the defenders in front of you?

“It’s different for outfield players because you have got to know where a player is going to run and their different strengths.

“For a goalkeeper, the defence have got to trust you behind them and being able to keep the ball out of the net.

“I feel in the few weeks we have had together, I have been able to show that to the players.”

Do you think the defeat can act as a catalyst because on the last two occasions you have lost, back-to-back wins have followed.

“I think there has got to be a response. For where the club wants to go and where we want to go as players and staff, we have got our goals and aims for the season.

“There has to be a response. We can’t let this affect us. We have got to fund the positives from Saturday and use the negatives as well and use that moving forward into the next game.”

Only Bury and Colchester of the leading teams won at the weekend, so there wasn’t a lot of damage done.

“We can’t let other teams dictate to us. We have got to make sure that our goals and performances are on it. If we had won on Saturday, we could have taken our chance but other teams have faltered and we have faltered and we feel we could have done better.

“We feel that we have got enough in the changing room to push on and then see where we are come the end of the season.”

FGR have played Swindon twice already but both of those games came in August, what’s the manager said about Swindon’s current style and form?

“We have done our homework on them and we know how to counter them and we have got our tactics.

“We know they are a different team to when we played them in August, it’s a long time ago.

“Our squad has improved, we like how we play and we’re just looking forward to putting our tactics into the game.”