Noah Dougherty
Thursday 07 February 2019

Girls are now able to show off their talents at the FGR Academy Skills School which is taking bookings for the third block of exciting coaching sessions.

The Academy-led initiative offers free professional training for boys and girls in Year 1 and 2, which focuses on developing confidence, skill and technique. The sessions take place every Thursday at the Cirencester Arena, with the next block starting on Thursday, February 28.

The sessions run every Thursday over a six week period and allow the Rovers' Academy Scholars to learn the art of coaching while teaching young people from the area a range of football skills from shooting to tackling to communication.

"The Skills School is something we set up before Christmas. The kids are all in Years 1 and 2 so they are six and seven-year-olds, and it's a great chance for them to come and sample what life is like at Forest Green, whether that be as player, a fan, or someone who goes to any of our various soccer camps," said head of FGR Academy Scott Bartlett.

"It's is great for the scholars to be involved in because they train really hard all week trying to be professional footballers and this is a bit of a release for them and it teaches them some important skills like how to prepare."

For more information and how to book your child onto the next block, please contact