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Matt Edwards
Sunday 14 April 2019

Having scored and got an assist, we caught up with Joseph Mills after FGR's 2-0 win over Macclesfield.

He talked through a professional performance, his view of both goals and how they must keep their focus with four games left.

A professional performance is the best way to describe that I think, do you agree?

We’re getting to the crunch time of the season and it’s all about results.

I think we played good football in patches and I think it is the first game in a while that we have maybe controlled the game a bit more but at the same time, you can’t control it without winning the game and fortunately in the second half we went out and raised the tempo a little bit more and we looked to push on and a 2-0 win always looks good at home.

It’s a game where fans will be looking saying we have to get the points but it’s not always the case when they are fighting for their life is it?

Exeter on Tuesday night, fans probably looked at that and thought it was an easy win for Exeter but when teams are down there fighting, teams can really rally.

We watched the game and we knew they would be taking a bit of confidence from that coming into our game and we never underestimated them for a second.

We don’t with any team in this league, we know how tough this league is and we know what we want to achieve so we focus on ourselves and I think the game plan worked today.

The opening goal, from your angle, how did he quite get his foot on that to hook it around?

I need to see it back, honestly, at the time, I don’t even know. I tried to just put a bit of pace on it but left it a bit short and I need to see it back because it was some finish.

The first goal was always going to be key in this game, it was going to swing the momentum either way and fortunately we got it and from then on, we pushed for the second.

We didn’t sit back and let them come on top of us, which we’ve maybe been guilty of in the past.

Your free-kick, into the same corner where Doidge finished, talk me through that.

I stood over it and I thought, ‘is it close enough to have a go?’

I backed myself to try and test the goalie and caught it really sweet and as soon as it come off my foot I knew it had a chance and luckily it just snuck in at that near post.

Tough trip now to Prenton Park to face Tranmere, but do you take confidence from the performance when we played them here earlier in the season?

I think they are a different team from when we played them earlier in the season.

They are fully high on confidence but on the back of these last two results, we are too.

We’ll be going there fully focussed on ourselves and how we can affect them and how we can affect the game and hopefully I’m speaking after the game with another win.