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Matt Edwards
Thursday 18 April 2019

Manager Mark Cooper speaks with the press ahead of our Good Friday trip to Tranmere Rovers.

He discusses the mentality needed for the last four games, how they are not looking beyond Tranmere and why Prenton Park will be a difficult place to go.

Easter is traditionally a time in the season when everything can change. A handy place in the play-off, if you win all four,  you could be in the third automatic spot but, if your standards slip, there are a host of teams waiting to take your place. Is it all about being calm?

It’s important to be calm. It’s important we just keep picking points up and getting as many as we can. Every team up and around it, that will be their aim.

We've got some tough games, starting with a tough game at Tranmere, so we focus on that and try and do what we can.

You've been in this position before as a manager, what do you tell your players?

The message doesn't really change it's do what we do. We're not going to change anything now we are in this position. We'll try to give the players confidence, maintain their fitness, make sure they are conditioned properly and make sure they get enough rest and then send them out to play.

You've only got two days between tomorrow and Monday, what are you going to do with those two days?

They'll have a day off on Saturday and then we'll be in to prepare on Sunday.

It's important that we do our preparation and recuperation and they get their rest on Saturday. It's important they get their fluids as well with the heat.

We'll prepare on Sunday for another big game on Monday.

The teams around you are playing each other, the third spot could be yours.

That is in an ideal world. That is Eutopia. A lot of things have got to happen for that.

We try and be realistic and our fist aim is to try and secure a play-off spot and to do that, we need to go and perform well at Tranmere on Friday.

You know a lot about Tranmere, Norwood is scoring for fun and you managed Manny Monthe, so you know a bit about them.

I think Tranmere have done fantastic, the run they went on to get them in such a strong position was incredible. They have some solid players, the manager has done a fantastic job two seasons running now to be in a realistic chance of getting automatic promotion with four games to go and James Norwood is a striker I'm sure every club in this league and the one above would be desperate for.

I like what they do, a big club, great support and it is going to be a tough game but we're not bad either.

The place will be buzzing with a huge crowd there won't it?

It will be a brilliant atmosphere, it always is with that big Kop behind the goal always getting behind their team and we have to deal with that. We wanted to be in the League to play occasions like this with 9 or 10,000 there, it will be fantastic.

Whatever happens, you've done well this season but a big push would be tremendous wouldn't it?

It would be sensational to do that. For such a small place to be anywhere near League One would be great.

We're not talking about doing well, we want to finish it off, we want to get in the play-offs and have a bash at it.