Matt Edwards
Monday 01 April 2019

After several weeks of CCTV investigation, we undertook a check of ticketing across all stands at The New Lawn last weekend.

Regrettably, we found widespread abuse of our ticketing discounts, including those intended for young fans.

More than 50 people were caught in home areas using incorrect ticket categories. 

We also found two adult supporters who had purchased season tickets for minors – these have now been permanently cancelled.

We also want to remind fans of the terms and conditions around lending your season ticket to someone else.

We encourage this – but there are rules attached which you can read HERE.

The season ticket owner need to be in the same ticket category as you.

Ticket checks are now in operation on a match-by-match basis. Repeat offenders will not be allowed to pay for a ticket upgrade and will risk a ban.  Abuse of FGR staff will not be tolerated – they are doing their job.

Over 3100 fans attended Saturday’s game and paid the fair price for admission – please purchase the correct ticket.  Money spent at The New Lawn is reinvested into the club and facilities for you.