Club charter

We take great pride in our reputation as a friendly, community-focused football club. Our relationships with our staff, members, sponsors, advertisers and supporters are vital to us – they make the club what it is. 

This Charter is about making it clear how we will always deliver on our commitment to communicate as best as we can and to address any concerns and issues that any individuals or groups may have. It’s about making sure we’re always the best club we can be.

We’ll review this Charter from time to time to ensure that it’s kept suitably up to date with regard to any changes to laws, rules or regulations.

Here’s what we promise within the three principal pillars of our club:


·       Success on and off the field will be defined not just by results but also by fair play and enjoyment

·       We will always be committed to developing our young players and youth squad

·       We’ll always have respect and integrity for the game of football, referees and lines people and opposing teams

·       We’ll endeavour to keep negative elements of football out of our club


·       We’ll do everything we can to make sure that young people, the elderly, disabled and the disadvantaged feel at home in our club

·       We’ll promote the health, happiness and other benefits of football

·       We’ll respect all supporters and staff

·       We’ll make resources and facilities available for the betterment of our community


·       We’ll ensure that the environment informs all of our decisions as a club and a business

·       We’ll strive to stay at the cutting edge of environmental awareness in sport

·       We’ll deal with our suppliers and business partners ethically and openly